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The prime minister insisted the rises were necessary and fair but said the chancellor would listen to concerns. The move was announced by Chancellor Philip Hammond in Wednesday's Budget. Mr McDonnell said: "The fact the prime minister won't fully support her own chancellor's Budget measure, and has been forced by Labour to row back on it just 24 hours after he delivered his speech in Parliament, shows the level of disarray that exists at the top of government." Mrs May should "show some leadership, rather than this partial U-turn, and just scrap these tax rises for low and middle earners altogether", he added. What is National Insurance? National Insurance contributions go into a fund that pays for the state pension and some other benefits They also help pay for the NHS National Insurance is deducted automatically from employees' salaries There are different classes of National Insurance payments, depending on people's employment status and how much they earn The self-employed currently pay a lower rate than those in employment The government says this was traditionally down to a lesser entitlement to benefits and pensions, but that these disparities have mostly been removed, so the difference in rates is unfair But critics say it is justified because self-employed people are not entitled to things like paid holiday and sickness leave The prime minister defended the plans for National Insurance, saying the measures would ensure the tax system was fair, narrowing the gap between what employed and self-employed people paid. At a press conference at the EU summit in Brussels, Mrs May said: "People will be able to look at the government paper when we produce it, showing all ราคา ครีมบำรุงผิวหน้า our changes and take a judgment in the round. "Of course the chancellor will be speaking - as will his ministers - to MPs, business people and others to listen to the concerns. "But this is a change that leaves lower-paid self-employed workers better off, it's accompanied by more rights and protections for self-employed workers and it reforms the system of National Insurance to make it simpler, to make it fairer and to make it more progressive." Media captionTheresa May says the rise in National Insurance for the self-employed will make things fairer More than a dozen Conservative MPs have criticised the 2bn National Insurance hit, including Iain Duncan Smith, John Redwood, Anna Soubry and Dominic Raab. The Conservatives' last general election manifesto explicitly ruled out rises in National Insurance, VAT and income tax during the lifetime of the current Parliament.

If youre not washing your face, you really should be. A quick rinse in the shower doesnt count; pores and facial oils trap dirt which means your mug needs a dedicated scrub. Lather up daily with a gentle face wash and if you want extra points, exfoliate once a week. Londons hard water, poor air quality and lets face it, rubbish weather, can all take their toll on skin, so replace any lost moisture with a hard-working face cream. Everyone is blessed (or cursed, depending on your perspective) with different skin types, so spend some time sussing out whether yours is dry, oily, a combination, acne-prone or normal and tailor your skincare products to suit. Due to shaving, men can be prone to dryness, in-grown hairs and acne around the jaw and chin areas, so invest in products with anti-bacterial tea-tree, witch hazel and - if youre looking for the strong stuff - salicylic acid (which is kryptonite to spots). This may mean your shaving routine needs an overhaul too. While innovations in razors have led to more and more blades being added in pursuit of that elusive closer-than-close shave, this may actually be harming your skin. Its the hair youre looking to get rid of, not your actual face. An electric razor or even old-school safety razor may be kinder to your skin and help banish those annoying in-grown hairs. Swapping your shaving cream for an oil could help boost moisture levels too.

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